The Lazy Painter’s kind of Saturday – Pancake day

I have been craving for pancakes for quite sometime eversince I am pregnant. Some days when I was day dreaming, food images just formed in my head and one fine day, I thought about pancakes with ice-cream and jam. I went to the groceries and bought a box of Betty Crocker Original Complete Pancake Mix (1.04kg) but ended up storing it in my food cabinet because being the lazy painter, i have the tendency to be lazy these days, especially during this pregnancy period. So it sat inside of my storage for a few weeks. Every time i prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, I would be looking at the pancake mix, wondering when I would pick it up and try making some pancakes. I have been procrastinating for sometime for two reason : firstly, I have never make pancakes by myself before. The last time i had homemade pancakes was probably when i was 7-8 years old when I was still living in Kuching. Secondly, I am afraid of pancakes failure which lead to wastage of ingredient, (which more often than not made me feel guilty because ingredients nowadays are not cheap).

So last Saturday, I woke up with a sudden interest and determination that I would be experimenting making pancakes. Afterall, the pancake mix claim that making pancakes is as easy as just by adding water into the pancake mix.

pancake 3

There is even a pancake recipe made easy for all behind the packaging. I felt quite confident looking at it 😀 Yes, today I shall make pancakes! For a start, I thought it would be great just trying out making 6-7 pancakes which would be perfect just for the two of us. I scooped out 1 cup of the pancake mix and added 3/4 cup of cold fresh milk (instead of water) and start stirring the pancake mix with fork until smooth. I didn’t know why I replaced water with milk but that was probably I was confused reading too many recipes few days before. After heating the pan with a little butter (instead of oil), I scooped some batter onto the hot pan. The pancakes were cooking! As per the instruction, when the bubble break on surface and edges just began to dry, I turned the pancakes and cooked about 1 minute / until brown. Guess what ? The pancakes turned out to be successful. The milk gave it a taste of soft tinge of saltiness and the texture was good!!!

pancake 2

We had the classic toppings : butter and honey. Being a typical Malaysian, we had our pancakes with a good cup of hot Milo. Pandamopi enjoyed the pancakes and being the cook, I enjoyed watching him enjoyed eating the pancakes 😀

For many years I had been dreaming of making pancakes breakfast but could not do so due to the circumstances in our rental policies. Now that I am able to do so, I felt very blissful and decided to record this in my little sketchbook. Here you go 🙂



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