belated Father’s Day post — Dad’s Love, He is our Hero

happy father day-1It was a hot afternoon. Resting on a sofa at the living room, I heard a series of banging and cutting sound from the kitchen. Dad was repairing the washing machine after his short nap. Clad in his usual long sleeves with maroon colour collar shirt and a black shorts, he sat at the kitchen busy replacing the old pipes which was bitten by rats with new pipe so that our daily laundry could carry on. Well it might looks like a menial task and nothing big, but the rhythm of the banging and cutting sound resulted from the repair works reminds me that God is taking care of my parents. Dad is still healthy and steady. Since young, I always thought dad is my hero, he will always be. Though he is not as expressive with hugs and kisses, he loves us with his actions. For that, I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day everyday and I am blessed to be your daughter. Wish you good health always:)


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