first bath

first-bathO’ little Isabella,
tiny little red baby,
day two of life
and she is having her very first bath in life.

Grandma carried her,
With tender and gentleness,
for she is so tiny and cute,
ready to awaken new senses.

Grandma wets little Isa’s hair with warm water,
Running her wet fingers in her fine hair,
Gently but firm,
Securely loved,
Slowly places her down in the little green tub.

O’ little Isabella,
She is awakened,
Curious yet exciting,
Cries a little,
Calms after that,
Eyes blinking,
Limbs moving,
In the little green tub,
Full of warm herbal bath,
Such a beautiful sight to see.

When bath time is over,
Grandma picks her up,
And wrap her tightly in a towel.
She smiles with her eyes,
Telling grandma that she likes the bath.

Grandma hugs her so gently,
Pats her down until she’s dry,
Powders her with baby powder,
Puts on clean cloth,
Wraps her in clean linen,
Isabella smells so fresh and clean.

So peaceful and calm,
Ready to milk and
Fall asleep slowly
Into her little dreamland.


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